Smith Chips Jingles

Hello I am sorry that I haven’t written for quite a while! Anyway for homework our class had to write two jingles. One for kids and one for adults about Smiths Chips. Here they are and I hope you like them:

Eat It – To the beat of Michael Jackson

Your friends will tell you they really don’t care About your Smith Chips but all they do is stare They’ll chase you, then they’ll hug you Then they’ll tell you its fair To give them, your Twisties So eat it, eat it Eat it, eat it Smith Chips are terrific Show em how tasty, light n tangy are It doesn’t’ matter, at parties or in the car Just eat it, eat it, Just eat it, eat it. Eat It Eat it No one wants to feel cheated Show em how crunchy, crinkle cut or thins It doesn’t matter, cheese or burger rings Just eat it, eat it Just eat it, eat it.

To the beat of – Advance Australia Fair

Australians all let us rejoice By eating crinkle cut chips Bar-be-que or sea-salt Smith Chips are ve-ry tas-ty I like chicken chips to-day, yay! Please en-joy our cheese chips The advert will tell people now Enjoy Light ‘n’ Tangy Chips Or some other great chips by smiths So purchase Australian chips.

 Also a game I like to use is called Stardoll, here is a link: dress up games

Countdown Until The Easter Show!

9 more sleeps until the Easter Show! These are some rides I recommend – Mega Drop, Surfs Up, Log ride (float on water), Caterpillar ride, high high swings, haunted house, pirates revenge (also on water) and many more! The Easter Show starts on the 5th of April and I have already planned what showbags I am going to buy, these are the showbags I am going to buy for my family and me: Super Wonka, 4 bags for $5, Spongebob Super Bag, Darrell Lea Pig Out Bag, Lindt Chocolate, NY style Accessories, Starburst Family Sharing Bag. Here are some photos of these bags and a link to the website:

Easter Show Website




In class we made an advertisement on Glogster and I wrote about saving Rainforests. In my advertisement, I have put information about what is happening to rainforests, pictures of rainforest animals, pictures of deforestation and facts about rainforests. I hope you find this advertisement interesting and makes you more aware about deforestation. Here is a link to the website:

Rainforest Advertisement


Some Ideas

Easter Show
Mario cheats (recorded by me)
Favourite actor/actress poll
Rocky Road Recipe
Movie Review
Athletics Carnival
Wacky Web Tales
Pets (Info)
Poll on Favourite food
Poll on Music
Easter Show
Eisteddfods – maybe add a copy of my eisteddfods on for people to watch
Songs/Movie Trailers Page
Piano – Maybe add me playing a few songs
Add my Go-Animate videos to blog
Poll on favourite TV show
Survey on Songs
Paper Fashions/Style Studio on blog
A tour of stardoll including my stardolls suite

If you have any more ideas for some posts, 

let me know by leaving a comment on this post

explaining to me what I should write about!


Year 6 – Rope Challenge

On the first day of school my class were competing in a rope challenge where we made ropes out of newspaper! We were given two sheets of newspaper, some masking tape and 25 minutes to finish the rope. The rope had to be at least one metre long and  we had to be in groups of 3 & 4. I was with my friends Taylor, Jessica and Cynthia. The idea was to have the strongest rope that can hold as many juice poppers as it can before it would brake. My groups rope was strong enough to hold 5 juice poppers in a bucket which was attached to the rope with a hook.
Here is a slideshow showing you photos of this challenge.

Reflection Time

I would change the desk seating arrangements more often because I would like to sit with new people instead of sitting with some people for that whole term. I would also change the lockers more often as well so everybody has a turn of a top locker and a bottom locker.

I would add cooking lessons because junior school students don’t get to do cooking and it is important to learn more about healthy food, unhealthy food and how to prepare and cook food. I would also add design & technology because it is fun to design and sew your own clothes. I would add TV review lessons where we get to watch something on TV and we have to write a review on it and say what was good and bad about it.

I would take away PDHPE lessons because they are boring and I already know about things like road safety, the food pyramid and DR ABCD. I would also take away our English Skills book because we already have a Spelling and Grammar book where we do work in it that we do in the English Skills book. I would take away handwriting because it is a boring activity and we write everyday so we don’t really need to do handwriting.

I enjoyed Novel Study in Term 3 because the book Spilled Water was a good book and liked the activities to choose from on the grid. I also enjoyed the HSIE plays. I am playing the role of a bushranger and it is very fun.

I disliked Novel Study in term 4 because it wasn’t as fun as reading a novel like we did in the other terms and also because I found it hard to get all my work done in time.

I would’ve had more drama lessons, more library at least two lessons a week, more art at least three times a week and more French lessons at least two times a week.

I would’ve had less maths not every day but three times every school week. I would’ve also had less debating because it is boring and it is too hard for some students. I would’ve had less Spelling and Grammar because we have it every week and sometimes I can’t find time to finish all the activities. 


Are you looking forward to halloween? If you are click on the candy corn image below and it will take you to a website with lots of halloween activities. Please leave a comment and say what you are looking forward to most on halloween!