Some Ideas

Easter Show
Mario cheats (recorded by me)
Favourite actor/actress poll
Rocky Road Recipe
Movie Review
Athletics Carnival
Wacky Web Tales
Pets (Info)
Poll on Favourite food
Poll on Music
Easter Show
Eisteddfods – maybe add a copy of my eisteddfods on for people to watch
Songs/Movie Trailers Page
Piano – Maybe add me playing a few songs
Add my Go-Animate videos to blog
Poll on favourite TV show
Survey on Songs
Paper Fashions/Style Studio on blog
A tour of stardoll including my stardolls suite

If you have any more ideas for some posts, 

let me know by leaving a comment on this post

explaining to me what I should write about!


3 thoughts on “Some Ideas

  1. Wow! This is a great blog! I love your ideas and can’t wait until you write about some of them!

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